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Posted: 6-4-14   Neal’s Berry Farm & Farmer’s Market          24527 ½ Gosling Road, Spring, TX  77389  

For U-Pick Updates, please see our “Pick-Your-Own” tab on this website.

In our Farmer’s Market, we bring you freshest local and home-grown fruits and vegetables semi-year-round, and offer U-pick berries in late-spring/early summer. Free-range eggs, grass-fed beef, local honey, and lots of seasonal home-grown vegetables and fruits are available, along with our own dressed and frozen natural pork, chicken and goose. Homegrown vegetable plants and herb plants are available in early spring/summer.

REGULAR HOURS: Farmer’s Market is open Monday thru Saturday, 10:00 am 6:00 pm; and open Sunday 10:00 am-2:00 pm; Spring/Summer season: open from first Friday in Feb.  til the end of July; Closed in August. Fall/Winter season: open Friday after Labor day thru Christmas Eve. Closed in January, back open early February. Closed for a few holidays. Hours subject to change without notice. Some special hours may be posted during peak berry picking season.

BLACKBERRIES: Blackberry plants are available for purchase, 1 gallon pots $7.00 or 3/$20.00. U-Pick blackberries will begin May 19, 2014. Price for U-Pick: $4.50/lb. Picking will be limited to Monday thru Friday, 10am-6pm, or until picked out. Picking will not be open every day during Monday thru Friday, only days when we have ripe berries.  We  have 3 acres of berries, but that can get picked out pretty rapidly with the demand we have. Facebook will always have the most current updates, so check it or call 281-255-3699 for availability before you make a long trip here to pick. Blackberry picking is open to all ages, and children  are welcome to pick berries when accompanied by an attentive adult.

GIFT CARDS NOW AVAILABLE: give the gift of good taste—perfect for someone who loves to eat healthy!

BAKERY: Mrs. Neal’s homemade from scratch baked goods, some made with our own homegrown veggies & fruit.   Breads, ($2-$6).   Current selection includes Banana bread and zucchini bread, with or without walnuts.

FREE-RANGE CHICKENS: Our own farm-raised, free-range Jumbo Cornish Cross chickens, sold dressed & ready for roasting, $5.00/lb.  No hormones, no antibiotics.

FREE-RANGE GEESE: Our own farm-raised, free-range geese, French Toulouse and White Embdens, sold dressed and ready for roasting. $5.00/lb. Average weight 7-10 lbs each. No hormones, no antibiotics.

FREE-RANGE PORK: Our own all-natural pork. Heritage breeds raised outdoors here on our farm. Frozen and vacuum-packed. Many cuts available, while supply lasts.  Best sellers: Bacon, Pork chops, Ribs, Pan sausage, Link Sausage (same Polish-style link sausage recipe as we used when we owned Neal’s Restaurant).

SEEDS: We sell home-garden-size $2 packages of the same seeds we plant here, so we know they are well-suited to this growing region. Selection varies with the season.

CANDLES: Circle-E-Candles, at lower prices than most.  Many scents, including most popular Bird of Paradise.

JAM & JELLY: Large selection, including Muscadine Grape Jelly and Seedless Blackberry Jelly made from our own  homegrown fruit.  2 shelves of No-Sugar-Added Preserves, sweetened with white grape juice. Also Van Roehling sauces from El Campo, TX. and pickles from Klein Bros.

FROZEN : Check out our new freezer section—peaches, blackberries, blueberries, and peas. 

YEAR-ROUND PRODUCTS: fresh & dried vegetables & fruits, nuts, Mexican Vanilla,  stone-ground cornmeal, local honey.

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