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Posted: 4-22-14   Neal’s Berry Farm & Farmer’s Market          24527 ½ Gosling Road, Spring, TX  77389  

In our Farmer’s Market, we bring you freshest local and home-grown fruits and vegetables semi-year-round, and offer U-pick berries in late-spring/early summer. Free-range eggs, grass-fed beef, local honey, and lots of seasonal home-grown vegetables and fruits are available, along with our own dressed and frozen natural pork, chicken and goose. Homegrown vegetable plants and herb plants are available in early spring/summer.

REGULAR HOURS: Open Monday thru Saturday, 10:00 am 6:00 pm; and open Sunday 10:00 am-2:00 pm; Spring/Summer season: open from first Friday in Feb.  til the end of July; Closed in August. Fall/Winter season: open Friday after Labor day thru Christmas Eve. Closed in January, back open early February. Closed for a few holidays. Hours subject to change without notice. Some special hours may be posted during peak berry picking season.

STRAWBERRIES: Strawberry plants, “Festival” variety,  planted in 4” pots, sold for  3/$7.00 or flat of 18 $25.00. We are growing this variety hydroponically, and, as of today 4/22/14 we have U-Pick strawberries on Mondays and Tuesdays, for pickers over 12 years of age. Picking is not available on other days at this time. No one under 12 years old is admitted to the field at this time. Pickers please park in shaded lot up near Gosling Road and walk to our market to get a bucket and instructions.

BLACKBERRIES: Blackberry plants are available for purchase, 1 gallon pots $7.00 or 3/$20.00. U-Pick blackberries should begin sometime in mid-May, 2014. It’s still to early to pinpoint the exact date for season opening. Blackberry picking will be open to all ages, and children  are welcome to pick berries when accompanied by an attentive adult. Berry picking will NOT be available on weekends, and weekday picking dates will be posted as berries ripen. We  have 3 acres of berries, but that can get picked out pretty rapidly with the demand we have. Facebook will always have the most current updates, so check it for availability before you make a long trip here to pick.

GIFT CARDS NOW AVAILABLE: give the gift of good taste—perfect for someone who loves to eat healthy!

BAKERY: Mrs. Neal’s homemade from scratch baked goods, some made with our own homegrown veggies & fruit.   Breads, ($2-$6).   Current selection includes Banana bread and zucchini bread, with or without walnuts.

FREE-RANGE CHICKENS: Our own farm-raised, free-range Jumbo Cornish Cross chickens, sold dressed & ready for roasting, $5.00/lb.  No hormones, no antibiotics.

FREE-RANGE GEESE: Our own farm-raised, free-range geese, French Toulouse and White Embdens, sold dressed and ready for roasting. $8.50/lb. Average weight 8-10 lbs each. No hormones, no antibiotics.

FREE-RANGE PORK: Our own all-natural pork. Heritage breeds raised outdoors here on our farm. Frozen and vacuum-packed. Many cuts available, while supply lasts.  Best sellers: Bacon, Pork chops, Ribs, Pan sausage, Link Sausage (same Polish-style link sausage recipe as we used when we owned Neal’s Restaurant).

SEEDS: We sell home-garden-size $2 packages of the same seeds we plant here, so we know they are well-suited to this growing region. Selection varies with the season.

CANDLES: Circle-E-Candles, at lower prices than most.  Many scents, including most popular Bird of Paradise.

JAM & JELLY: Large selection, including Muscadine Grape Jelly and Seedless Blackberry Jelly made from our own  homegrown fruit.  2 shelves of No-Sugar-Added Preserves, sweetened with white grape juice. Also Van Roehling sauces from El Campo, TX. and pickles from Klein Bros.

FROZEN : Check out our new freezer section—peaches, blackberries, blueberries, and peas. 

YEAR-ROUND PRODUCTS: fresh & dried vegetables & fruits, nuts, Mexican Vanilla,  stone-ground cornmeal, local honey.

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