New reduced hours start 7-21-19. Season ending soon.

White peaches are in and they are delicious! This is our last variety of peaches to ripen this year, so come and get yours for making lovely pink preserves, cobbler or just to savor them fresh.The 2019 season is winding down, so business hours have changed to: only OPEN Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 7:30 am til 12:00 noon. CLOSED on Mon., Tues, Thur. and Friday til further notice. U-Pick FIGS: ($4/lb.) Celeste (Texas Sugar Fig) just about over, and Magnolia Figs will start ripening by this coming Wednesday 7-24-19. A few LSU Golds prob start ripening Wednesday also. No projected date yet for LSU Purple ripening. A few early pickers may find some Celeste tomorrow, but not much. U-Pick Thornless BLACKBERRIES: ($5.00 lb.) still some production on last crop of Travelers. The ones there are nice, big and tasty, but you have to look for them high up, low, and under the leaves.(We have 5 lb bags of Frozen, washed blackberries for $30, picked in peak season). U-Pick VEGGIES ($2.00/lb): Most veggie harvest is over, still some okra and peppers.U-Pick ZINNIAS: love the heat, so they are really cranking out LOTS of blooms now. Cheap thrill for all you can put in a16 oz. Solo cup for $3.00. Watermelons and cantaloupes had a fantastic year–very flavorful and super sweet. Only a few watermelons at this time, but lots of cantaloupes.To recap, the season will end shortly and there are limited quantities of some things, lots more of other things, and no guarantees that any certain thing will be available when you arrive.We wish we had more to offer at this time, but such is the way of farm life.

FIG SEASON Begins June 30, 2019

Calling all Fig Fanatics! Fig-picking season has begun and there will be more and more ripening each day for a while. Smart pickers will arrive early in the day while temps are at their coolest. Currently, the only variety ripe is Celeste (aka Texas Sugar Fig). Pick them when they have ANY amount of color on them. They WILL ripen a little more after they are picked, just don’t pick them too green. Pick-Your-Own Fig price $4.00/lb. Re-usable picking box $2.00 each (box holds about 10 lbs. fruit) Field entry $1.00/person. Soon we will have LSU Purple, LSU Gold, and Magnolia figs for picking, but none ready yet. At this time, we do NOT have pre-picked figs for sale, only U-Pick. Blackberry season has mostly ended, but there are still A FEW berries to pick if you really look under leaves, etc. Lots of zinnias to pick, also sunflowers, okra, peppers, eggplant, brussel sprouts, cabbage and more. Sorry, NO PICK-YOUR-OWN PEACHES. We have lots of pre-picked peaches for sale in our market, along with pre-picked cantaloupes, nectarines watermelon, and more. Regular Hours: Closed Monday, Open Tuesday thru Sunday 7:30 am-1:00 pm. WE WILL BE CLOSED THURSDAY, JULY 4, 2019. All pickers please arrive by 12:30 so you can pick, weigh and pay by our 1:00 pm closing time. Fig pickers may be more comfortable wearing a long-sleeved cotton shirt and thin disposable plastic gloves.