Posted 2/24/16: As of 4-1-15, the farm was closed at the Gosling Road (Spring, TX) location.  Thanks for your support all these years. We have moved the farm to far northwest Harris County, and hope to re-open in 2017 with lots more varieties of fruits as plants mature.

How to select a great blackberry: First and foremost, red berries are sour and will stay sour–they will not ripen after picking.  In blackberries, more important than the size of the berry is the size of the individual “drupes,”–the little round balls that make up the blackberry. The larger they are, the greater the pulp-to-seed ratio, so the juicier the berry. Also, if you feel the need to tug on the berry at all, just leave it–if you attempt to break the berry stem over at an approximate 90 degree angle (right angle, L-shape) , a fully ripe one will fall into your hand. When that happens you know you just found a perfect one! Oh, one more thing–if you wear sunglasses while picking, you just might end up with a whole bucket of red blackberries. Just peek out from under them in the beginning to discover what color berry you need to pick so you get the ones you want.

How to freeze blackberries: We recommend washing the berries before freezing them. Pour the washed berries into a 1 lb. plastic clamshell. The excess water drains out the bottom holes and you can stack these in your freezer with a pan underneath to catch the last drips. After the berries are frozen solid, you can hit the container on the cabinet and the berries will all separate from one another. Then pour the berries into a plastic zip-top bag, squeeze out excess air, flatten the bag and put it back in the freezer. This way, the water is completely drained from the berries and they don’t take up much room in the freezer.