Quantity U-Pick Price Discount 25 lbs and up! This week only!

U-Pick Blackberry pricing:

REGULAR PRICE: U-Pick up to 24 lbs.–$5.00/lb.

HEAT WAVE SPECIAL QUANTITY PRICING THIS WEEK ONLY: ( June 1 thru 8, 2018) : U-Pick 25-35 lbs. $4.00/lb. and U-Pick more than 35 lbs., only $3.00 lb. To receive the Quantity Price breaks, the 25 lbs. and up must be on one ticket and all paid for at once. All berries must be picked in our re-usable box, which holds about 10 lbs. and is sold for $2.00 each. Now’s the time to pick those berries to freeze, make jelly or wine!

First melons of the season! Still lots of ripe berries, ripe (and green) tomatoes, and peaches to pick!

First watermelons and cantaloupes of the season picked today! 5-29-18

Zephyr squash great for grilling. Yellow squash good anytime! First corn and peppers of the season picked today 5-29-18. Corn will only be available for a few days, so get yours while you can!

Yellow and green zucchini, scallop squash and first jalapeno peppers today!

Pre-picked blackberries $6.00 lb/ and still TONS of ripe blackberries for U-Pick @$5.00/lb.  Several kinds of eggplant available too.

Open Memorial Day 2018 8:00 am-1:00 pm

Open EARLY at 8:00 a.m. Memorial Day (5/28/18) so you can pick in the cool country morning air! Peaches trees are loaded and breaking the branches, as you see here. There are still LOTS of blackberries and tomatoes to pick too. We also offer pre-picked fruits and veggies for sale in our market.–Today we have eggplant, bell peppers, cucumbers, peaches, nectarines, tomatoes, blackberries and seven different kinds of summer squash, and more.

Current U-Pick Prices: Blackberries $5.00/lb. , Peaches $2.00/lb.,  Tomatoes $2.00/lb.

Figs season will begin in mid June, 2018.

Revised opening date–Now Open May 16, 2018

Farm is now open! The hot weather has really hastened the Blackberry ripening, so we are open sooner than planned. Vines are LOADED and ready for you to pick from a wall of berries. We also have nectarines, tomatoes, and more available right now.


Welcome to our farm!

Posted 3-13-18: Thank you for your interest in our farm! We plan to open hopefully in mid-to-late May, 2018, for U-Pick thornless blackberries, vegetables and orchard fruits. Please check back here for updates as we get closer to that time, since weather will greatly affect the production schedule.