Season Ends Saturday, August 3, 2019

FINAL UPDATE FOR 2019 SEASON: Saturday, August 3 will be the last day we are open for the regular season. Hours on 8/3/19: 7:30 am til noon. Available for U-Pick: Figs, blackberries and Purple Hull Peas. Available for sale pre-picked in the market: white peaches, onions, pickled products, homemade jam, frozen blackberries and MAYBE a few other veggies. As you can see, pickin’s are getting pretty slim, so it’s time to close up for the season. So we will NOT be open Sunday, 8/4/19 as previously hoped. Thanks for a great season!

Figs, Okra, Purple Hull Peas, Zinnias, berries! Season ends in a few days!!

Lots of figs ripe now (U-Pick $4/lb). The Celeste variety is just about over, the Magnolia figs are starting to ripen, and lots of LSU Purple and LSU Gold are ready. Peppers, Purple Hull peas and Louisiana Heirloom Green Velvet Okra are ready and waiting to be picked. Box of blackberries in this picture was picked today (7-26-19), and there are still more out there, but you really have to look for them (U-Pick $5/lb.) We still have lots of delicious pre-picked White Peaches and cantaloupes for sale in the market. Zinnias are still blooming like crazy, available for U-Pick $3.00/cup. Hours for this weekend: OPEN Sat. 7/27/19 & Sunday 7/28/19 7:30 a.m. til noon both days. Hours for next week: OPEN Wed. 7/31/19, Saturday 8/3/19 & Sunday 8/4/19 7:30am til noon all 3 days. SUNDAY, AUGUST 4 WILL LIKELY BE THE LAST DAY OF THE 2019 REGULAR SEASON, but watch Facebook and this website for updates.

Picked 7-26-19. There are still some nice berries to pick, but you really have to look hard for them.
Magnolia Figs as of 7-26-19. Pick them when the eye on the bottom is barely open. They will ripen nicely on the counter at home.
LSU Gold Figs 7-26-19.

LSU Purple Figs. 7-26-19.

Purple Hull Peas ready to pick 7-26-19.

New reduced hours start 7-21-19. Season ending soon.

White peaches are in and they are delicious! This is our last variety of peaches to ripen this year, so come and get yours for making lovely pink preserves, cobbler or just to savor them fresh.The 2019 season is winding down, so business hours have changed to: only OPEN Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 7:30 am til 12:00 noon. CLOSED on Mon., Tues, Thur. and Friday til further notice. U-Pick FIGS: ($4/lb.) Celeste (Texas Sugar Fig) just about over, and Magnolia Figs will start ripening by this coming Wednesday 7-24-19. A few LSU Golds prob start ripening Wednesday also. No projected date yet for LSU Purple ripening. A few early pickers may find some Celeste tomorrow, but not much. U-Pick Thornless BLACKBERRIES: ($5.00 lb.) still some production on last crop of Travelers. The ones there are nice, big and tasty, but you have to look for them high up, low, and under the leaves.(We have 5 lb bags of Frozen, washed blackberries for $30, picked in peak season). U-Pick VEGGIES ($2.00/lb): Most veggie harvest is over, still some okra and peppers.U-Pick ZINNIAS: love the heat, so they are really cranking out LOTS of blooms now. Cheap thrill for all you can put in a16 oz. Solo cup for $3.00. Watermelons and cantaloupes had a fantastic year–very flavorful and super sweet. Only a few watermelons at this time, but lots of cantaloupes.To recap, the season will end shortly and there are limited quantities of some things, lots more of other things, and no guarantees that any certain thing will be available when you arrive.We wish we had more to offer at this time, but such is the way of farm life.

Last few weeks of 2019 season

Looking for mid-summer fresh produce? U-pick Celeste figs still producing heavily, but only for another week or so. LSU Purple, LSU Gold, and Magnolia figs will be ripe soon. U-Pick thornless blackberries still available on the 13 rows that put on a second (mid-summer) crop. U-pick zinnias still blooming like crazy! U-pick vegs include: okra, peppers, kale, red cabbage and eggplant, and a few tomatoes. Pre-picked for sale in market: Our own homegrown peaches ( regular and white flesh), nectarines, cantaloupes, watermelon, sweet basil, tomatoes and more. It’s a great year for cantaloupes–the small amount of rain we’ve had has increased the flavor and sweetness! Last year we closed the farm for the year on August 4 (2018), and we will close again this year when the figs are over, so hurry in soon before the 2019 season ends!

Blackberries picked by a customer on 7-10-19.
Celeste figs picked by a customer on 7-11-19.
Cut cantaloupe on left is standard type, cut one on right is “Dove.”
We have lots of pre-picked cantaloupes for sale in the market. We are picking around 100 cantaloupes per day right now, but the season is very short. This is one of our best years ever for cantaloupes. The small amount of rain we have received makes for a sweeter cantaloupe since the sugar content is not diluted by excess water.
Peaches are still coming in, but we only have 2 varieties left to pick, so hurry in if you want pre-picked peaches this year.
Great year for watermelons!
Tomatoes are getting close to being over, but we do have some red and yellow (low-acid) ones.
Sweet basil–all you can put in our bag for only $1.00!
Heirloom Louisiana Green Velvet okra loves the Texas Summer Heat!
Zinnias–all you can cut and put in a 16 oz. Solo cup for $3.00.

FIG SEASON Begins June 30, 2019

Calling all Fig Fanatics! Fig-picking season has begun and there will be more and more ripening each day for a while. Smart pickers will arrive early in the day while temps are at their coolest. Currently, the only variety ripe is Celeste (aka Texas Sugar Fig). Pick them when they have ANY amount of color on them. They WILL ripen a little more after they are picked, just don’t pick them too green. Pick-Your-Own Fig price $4.00/lb. Re-usable picking box $2.00 each (box holds about 10 lbs. fruit) Field entry $1.00/person. Soon we will have LSU Purple, LSU Gold, and Magnolia figs for picking, but none ready yet. At this time, we do NOT have pre-picked figs for sale, only U-Pick. Blackberry season has mostly ended, but there are still A FEW berries to pick if you really look under leaves, etc. Lots of zinnias to pick, also sunflowers, okra, peppers, eggplant, brussel sprouts, cabbage and more. Sorry, NO PICK-YOUR-OWN PEACHES. We have lots of pre-picked peaches for sale in our market, along with pre-picked cantaloupes, nectarines watermelon, and more. Regular Hours: Closed Monday, Open Tuesday thru Sunday 7:30 am-1:00 pm. WE WILL BE CLOSED THURSDAY, JULY 4, 2019. All pickers please arrive by 12:30 so you can pick, weigh and pay by our 1:00 pm closing time. Fig pickers may be more comfortable wearing a long-sleeved cotton shirt and thin disposable plastic gloves.

Second crop of Huge Blackberries producing now

If you missed picking the HUGE blackberries in early May, now’s your chance to still pick them. This variety produces a second crop in late June (NOW!) but it won’t last forever either. The peak season, when you could easily fill a 10 lb box in 20 minutes, is over, but there are still LOTS of berries left on the vines, you just have to look high, low, and under leaves for them. As the summer heats up, the exposed berries get sunburned, but many are still protected by the leaf cover. As of 6/25/19, we have discontinued the Wine and Jellymaker Special pricing, but the Early Bird Special is still in effect for the remainder of the season. Early Bird Special: arrive and check in 7:30 am-9:00 am AND pick AT LEAST 5 lbs. of blackberries, and you receive $1/lb. discount, so berries cost $4.00/lb. instead of the regular price of $5.00/lb. Peach trees are producing heavily now, so lots of great peaches to buy pre-picked in our market. Sorry, no Pick-Your-Own peaches.Fig picking soon, but no start date yet. HOURS: closed Monday. Open Tues thru Sunday, 7:30 am-1:00 pm. Pickers please arrive before 12:30 pm so you can pick, weigh and pay by 1:00 closing time. Field admission $1/person, reusable berry picking box $2 (holds about 10 lbs level full.) Cash & Cards accepted. #nealsberryfarm

Hurry in to pick blackberries before season ends!

2019 Blackberry season is starting to wind down, but there are still LOTS of berries to pick. In early May, when you picked the HUGE berries, we promised you a second crop late in the season, which is starting to produce, but the berries are not quite as large as the May ones. Peach season is in early peak, with Mid-Pride trees producing some that taste as good as some famous mail-order peaches, with more varieties following soon. Low rainfall levels have been great for watermelons and cantaloupes. (Peaches, watermelons, and cantaloupes are NOT available for U-Pick, only sold pre-picked in market.) The U-Pick tomatoes are plentiful, but not for too much longer, so get them while you can. The U-Pick Squash, Okra, Peppers, Red and Green Cabbage, and Eggplant are producing well. U-Pick Figs are loaded but not ripe yet. The U-Pick Zinnias are thriving in the heat, so there are more than ever to pick now. Field admission $1/person; Re-usable picking box $2/ea which holds bout 10 lbs. berries. Cash preferred for entry fee & box to speed check-in. Cash & cards accepted on purchases. Pickers pls arrive & check in by 12:30 pm to pick, weigh and pay by 1:00 pm closing time. Early Bird Special: arrive & check-in 7:30-9:00 a.m. AND pick AT LEAST 5 lbs of Blackberries, receive $1/lb. discount, so pricing is $4/lb. instead of regular $5/lb. Hours: Closed Mondays. Open Tues thru Sunday 7:30 am-1:00 pm.

Look closely near the stem and you will see the baby figs.

Last weekend of 2019 PEAK Blackberry season-easy picking ends soon!

Tons of ripe berries now, and we will have some berries after Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16, 2019, but you won’t find a better time for quantity picking than this weekend.Hours: Closed Mondays, Open Tues THRU Sunday, 7:30am-1:00pm. Specials will continue thru this weekend, but by the following weekend (June 22-23) the easy ‘n fast picking will be about over, and it will take longer to pick your minimum amounts for the reduced pricing. Early Bird Special: arrive & check-in 7:30-9:00 a.m. AND pick AT LEAST 5 lbs of berries, receive $1/lb. discount, so pricing is $4/lb. instead of regular $5/lb. The Jelly and Winemaker Volume Discount: Pick AT LEAST 30 lbs. of berries and ring all up under one ticket, pricing is $3.00/lb. Suggestion: Bring Dad and the family out for Father’s Day on the farm, pick the 30 lbs. needed for the volume discount, and have enough berries to freeze and later to use for MORE quality time with Dad making wine, jelly, and cobbler. What better gift than one that keeps on giving? (Field admission $1/person; Re-usable picking box $2/ea which holds bout 10 lbs. berries. Cash preferred for entry fee & box to speed check-in. Cash & cards accepted on purchases.) Pickers please arrive & check in by 12:30 pm to pick, weigh and pay by 1:00 pm closing time.

This may be best berry picking week of the year!

Shout-out to all of our wonderful customers who have helped us get our farm established here in Waller after we moved from Spring! It is awesome to see how many of our “old” customers from our Spring location have made the drive to Waller and keep coming back again and again! And to those who have just discovered us, we hope you will also return again and again to see what’s new. To everything there is a season …and blackberry season is at its peak right now, but not for long! LIMITED TIME OFFERS –EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Blackberry pickers who arrive and check in between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and pick AT LEAST 5 LBS of blackberries will be charged at $4.00/lb. instead of the regular $5.00/lb. price. Box will receive the special stamp at check in to signify the savings. VOLUME PICKER DISCOUNT: Pick AT LEAST 30 lbs. of blackberries, AND ring all up under one ticket and cost is $3.00/lb . PRICES: field admission $1 per person, re-usable picking box is $2 and hold about 10 lbs blackberries. To speed check-in, cash is preferred for admission and box fee. Cash and cards accepted on purchases. Pickers please arrive and check in before 12:30 pm so you can pick, weigh and pay before our 1:00 closing time.