Figs, Okra, Purple Hull Peas, Zinnias, berries! Season ends in a few days!!

Lots of figs ripe now (U-Pick $4/lb). The Celeste variety is just about over, the Magnolia figs are starting to ripen, and lots of LSU Purple and LSU Gold are ready. Peppers, Purple Hull peas and Louisiana Heirloom Green Velvet Okra are ready and waiting to be picked. Box of blackberries in this picture was picked today (7-26-19), and there are still more out there, but you really have to look for them (U-Pick $5/lb.) We still have lots of delicious pre-picked White Peaches and cantaloupes for sale in the market. Zinnias are still blooming like crazy, available for U-Pick $3.00/cup. Hours for this weekend: OPEN Sat. 7/27/19 & Sunday 7/28/19 7:30 a.m. til noon both days. Hours for next week: OPEN Wed. 7/31/19, Saturday 8/3/19 & Sunday 8/4/19 7:30am til noon all 3 days. SUNDAY, AUGUST 4 WILL LIKELY BE THE LAST DAY OF THE 2019 REGULAR SEASON, but watch Facebook and this website for updates.

Picked 7-26-19. There are still some nice berries to pick, but you really have to look hard for them.
Magnolia Figs as of 7-26-19. Pick them when the eye on the bottom is barely open. They will ripen nicely on the counter at home.
LSU Gold Figs 7-26-19.

LSU Purple Figs. 7-26-19.

Purple Hull Peas ready to pick 7-26-19.