Second crop of Huge Blackberries producing now

If you missed picking the HUGE blackberries in early May, now’s your chance to still pick them. This variety produces a second crop in late June (NOW!) but it won’t last forever either. The peak season, when you could easily fill a 10 lb box in 20 minutes, is over, but there are still LOTS of berries left on the vines, you just have to look high, low, and under leaves for them. As the summer heats up, the exposed berries get sunburned, but many are still protected by the leaf cover. As of 6/25/19, we have discontinued the Wine and Jellymaker Special pricing, but the Early Bird Special is still in effect for the remainder of the season. Early Bird Special: arrive and check in 7:30 am-9:00 am AND pick AT LEAST 5 lbs. of blackberries, and you receive $1/lb. discount, so berries cost $4.00/lb. instead of the regular price of $5.00/lb. Peach trees are producing heavily now, so lots of great peaches to buy pre-picked in our market. Sorry, no Pick-Your-Own peaches.Fig picking soon, but no start date yet. HOURS: closed Monday. Open Tues thru Sunday, 7:30 am-1:00 pm. Pickers please arrive before 12:30 pm so you can pick, weigh and pay by 1:00 closing time. Field admission $1/person, reusable berry picking box $2 (holds about 10 lbs level full.) Cash & Cards accepted. #nealsberryfarm