Berry and Zinnia picking today 5-5-19

Thank you everyone who came out yesterday and picked blackberries on our season opening day! Today¬† (Sun., 5-5-19) we are open from 7:30 am til 1:00 pm for THORNLESS blackberry picking AND zinnia picking. I just walked the zinnia rows and yes, they are dry enough for pickers to traverse in most places. Weatherman says partly sunny, high of 82 degrees, so it’s a beautiful day to come visit the farm. Prices: $1/person field entry, re-usable berry picking box $2, U-Pick berries $5/lb; Pre-Picked berries $6/lb, Pre-picked squash & broccoli $2/lb, U-Pick Zinnias $3.00 for as many flowers as you can put in a 16 oz Solo cup.