Farm update 3-15-19

Red Baron Peaches, just starting to bloom 3-15-19. Highly ornamental and very flavorful freestone red-skinned peach.
One of the Thornless Blackberry patches, showing status of three varieties as 3-15-19.
Brussel sprouts should continue producing thru summer. Red chard in background will be gone soon. (photo 3-15-19)
Tomatoes planted on fence for easy U-pick in May-June, 2019. Fence near barn will hopefully have U-Pick cucumbers. (photo 3-15-19)
First bloom on hydroponic tomatoes in greenhouse, grown in coconut fiber.
Large-leaf Italian Basil, Banana peppers and tomato plants to set out in field after weather warms. (Photo 3-15-19)
Green multiplying onions.
Red clover grown for bee attractant, and nitrogen and organic matter to rejuvenate soil. (Photo 3-15-19)
Mustard left to bloom attracts bees who eat the pollen and nectar. Ladybugs use the leaves as a protective hatchery and also feast on the aphids who flock to the area for food.