Figs and Okra! 7-27-18

Farm photos taken July 27, 2018. A limited amount of blackberries are producing, but we have LOTS of figs and okra! Visit our farm on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 7:30 am to 1:00 pm and Pick-Your-Own or purchase pre-picked when available. Watermelon season is coming to a close, but Fairytale pumpkins and butternut squash are coming in now. Fig varieties are Celeste,LSU Gold, LSU Purple and Magnolia.

PrimeArk Freedom and PrimeArk Traveler Thornless blackberries are producing in very limited amounts for late July U-Pick. They are just as delicious as the spring crop!


Blackberries, Figs, Watermelons and More!

7-20-18 We are open Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday, 7:30 am-1:00 pm for U-Pick and Pre-picked produce. LSU Purple, LSU Gold and Magnolia Figs ($4.00/lb) are starting to come in fairly heavily (Celeste not much production), and this weekend will be great for picking if you come early before the heat sets in. SOME thornless blackberries available for picking ($5.00/lb). The box shown in picture was picked 7-18-18. Get here early before they are all gone. Heirloom Green Velvet Okra is also available for picking ($2.50/lb.)                   Pre-Picked produce available: Watermelons (red & yellow meat), butternut and spaghetti squash, cucumbers, cushaw, okra, peppers, and more.  Come out this weekend and enjoy the wide open skies of Waller, Texas.

Magnolia Figs and LSU Purple Figs. (LSU Gold figs are also available, but not shown in this picture. )

Thornless blackberries picked 7-18-18. Limited amount of late-season production on this variety.  Sangria watermelons are having a great year! The hot dry weather makes them sweet!

Serrano peppers also love the hot dry summer we are having. The hotter the better for them, but it makes the job of a farmer even more difficult, even with irrigation.

Fig Picking and More–July 13, 2018

Market and Fig Picking Open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 7:30 am-1:00 pm. See photo for 4 fig varieties: LSU Purple, LSU Gold, Magnolia and Celeste. Still a FEW blackberries for the early birds to pick. For sale in market: Cinderella Pumpkins (great for baking!), Butternut squash, Delicata Squash, Cushaw (makes great pies!), cantaloupe, cucumbers, peppers, a few peaches, LOTS of Okra, and a mountain of fabulous Watermelons, both red and yellow meat. Get your fresh, local fixin’s while you can!

Above, Yellow meat watermelons, cushaws, butternut squash.

Cinderella pumpkins, butternut squash, Delicata Squash, and a sunflower seed head for the birds and squirrels.

4 Varieties of figs available for picking, shown here in their ripe stage: LSU Purple, LSU Gold, Magnolia Fig and Celeste.

Hours Change for Fig Season–effective 7-6-18

Updated Fig Season Hours, effective 7-6-18:

U-Pick Figs and Farmer’s Market OPEN Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 7:30 am-1:00 pm only.   CLOSED Mon., Tues, Thur., and Friday.

Fig season is just beginning and should last well into August, depending on weather. U-Pick Figs: $1 per person field admission, and $4/lb for figs. Figs must be picked in our $2 reusable handled picking box that holds about 10 lbs of figs. U-Pick cream peas are still available, @$2/lb.   Pre-picked, seeded watermelons are plentiful and delicious! Some have told us ours were the best watermelons they have ever eaten in their life. Since melons are grown on this property, we have no hauling costs and can offer the melons at super low prices. Heirloom Green Velvet Okra is in full production now, sold only pre-picked.


Fig orchard shows just a few of our 240 fig trees. Mowed pathways and short tree height allows convenient picking.

Heirloom Green Velvet Okra is producing well now.   Only available pre-picked.