Figs, watermelons, peaches, okra and more!

Farm Update 6-28-18: Fig Season is here! Currently, we have Celeste (Texas Sugar Figs) for U-Pick, pictured here in our re-usable picking box filled with 10 lbs of figs. ($2 for box, U-Pick Figs $4.00/lb. (We may have some pre-picked figs also, but not always). We still have some great-tasting pre-picked peaches for sale for a few more days, then they are gone til next year. Blackberry season is completely over, and cantaloupes won’t be around much longer. Watermelons are still plentiful and we are about to start picking a whole new patch. We still have lots of okra, peppers, spaghetti squash, and eggplant. Stop in and satisfy your craving for fresh and local!

10 lbs of Celeste (Texas Sugar Figs) in our re-usable picking box. (Box only sold for $2, U-Pick figs $4.00/lb.)

Please check in at the market before you pick, where shoppers will find an array of seasonal fruits, vegetables, homemade jar products and refreshments.

Sangria Watermelons