Quantity U-Pick Price Discount 25 lbs and up! This week only!

U-Pick Blackberry pricing:

REGULAR PRICE: U-Pick up to 24 lbs.–$5.00/lb.

HEAT WAVE SPECIAL QUANTITY PRICING THIS WEEK ONLY: ( June 1 thru 8, 2018) : U-Pick 25-35 lbs. $4.00/lb. and U-Pick more than 35 lbs., only $3.00 lb. To receive the Quantity Price breaks, the 25 lbs. and up must be on one ticket and all paid for at once. All berries must be picked in our re-usable box, which holds about 10 lbs. and is sold for $2.00 each. Now’s the time to pick those berries to freeze, make jelly or wine!