Peaches are ripe again! Update 6-14-18

6-14-18 We have delicious pre-picked Freestone peaches for sale in our market for at least the next 2 weeks, weather permitting. Sorry, no U-Pick peaches. Blackberry season has peaked and we should have U-Pick thornless blackberries for about 2 more weeks, so get yours before season ends. We may have some pre-picked blackberries after that, but not for sure when. U-Pick large tomatoes probably only for another 2 weeks, but grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and black cherry tomatoes will probably be around longer depending on the heat. In our market, we offer pre-picked at this time: Watermelons (Red & yellow meat), cantaloupes, spaghetti squash, cushaw, squash, tomatoes, blackberries, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers (burpless & picklers). Hopefully lots of U-Pick figs will be available toward the end of June. Thanks to all who have visited our farm , liked our page, shared our posts, and helped us get the word out that we are open for business!

Just a few of the peaches picked 6-14-18.

Update 6-9-18–Berries are Plentiful now!

Get your blackberries now while they are plentiful! This picture is typical of the 30 rows, 150′ long, of Thornless Blackberries. Not uncommon to pick 10 lbs easily in 30 minutes. Quantity pricing has been extended another week (June 9-15, 2018) for U-Pick Blackberries: 1-24 lbs regular price @ $5/lb.; 25-35 lbs.@ $4/lb.; over 35 lbs @ $3/lb. To receive the $3 or $4 pricing, all berries must be picked in our box ($2 ea, reusable, holds 10 lbs) and paid all at once. Other U-Pick currently available: tomatoes $2/lb (big, cherry, grape) and squash $1/lb. No u-pick peaches for at least another week. FRUIT & VEG UPDATE: Probably some pre-picked peaches later next week. Currently available pre-picked in market: tomatoes, blackberries, eggplant, watermelons (red and yellow meat) cantaloupes, cucumbers, bell peppers, serranos, jalapenos and more. Also, Sunday, June 10, our farm will be open regular hours (9am-5pm) and we will also have a booth @ “The Farmer’s Market at Bridgeland” -16902 Bridgeland Landing,Cypress, TX 77433   12:30pm-3:30pm.

Update 6-5-18

Thanks to all who  came out last weekend and picked blackberries. Production is still very heavy, so there are still TONS of ripe blackberries to pick this week. Peaches are picked out til probably early next week, so the only things for U-Pick are blackberries and tomatoes, and possibly some squash. As for pre-picked (not U-Pick) we have some great watermelons, cantaloupes, squash, peppers, eggplant, corn, tomatoes, and more. Check out our box of canning tomatoes at reduced price. Quantity pricing is still in effect thru June 8 for U-Pick Blackberries. See our post dated June 1 for pricing and details.

6-3-18 Picked out of peaches for a few days.

6-3-18 Still PLENTY of ripe tomatoes and thornless blackberries for picking, but we are picked out of peaches for a few days. We have quite a few varieties of peach trees.  Tex-Star ripened first and has finished its harvest season, but a different variety will be available soon.

Quantity U-Pick Price Discount 25 lbs and up! This week only!

U-Pick Blackberry pricing:

REGULAR PRICE: U-Pick up to 24 lbs.–$5.00/lb.

HEAT WAVE SPECIAL QUANTITY PRICING THIS WEEK ONLY: ( June 1 thru 8, 2018) : U-Pick 25-35 lbs. $4.00/lb. and U-Pick more than 35 lbs., only $3.00 lb. To receive the Quantity Price breaks, the 25 lbs. and up must be on one ticket and all paid for at once. All berries must be picked in our re-usable box, which holds about 10 lbs. and is sold for $2.00 each. Now’s the time to pick those berries to freeze, make jelly or wine!